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In the course of a year or two without protection, a piece of wood will eventually deteriorate. The natural nature of lumber decks and fences is to bear down on inanimate lumber pieces. A wood that is exposed outside can rupture its internal fibers as a result of the sun and rain. 

The swelling of wood occurs when the wood is soaked in water. It causes the surface to become spongy. A grayed texture splits, and loose nails are the signs of wood damage caused by the elements.

The Importance Of Treating The Wood

It is still necessary to clean and seal your pressure-treated wood if you want it to last longer. Maintaining the good condition of pressure-treated wood decks and fences requires regular cleaning and sealing. Aside from being impervious to insect infestation, exotic woods are not immune to weather corrosion.

Which Time Is Best For Sealing Wood?

It has been recommended that wood be sealed after a year of drying so that it is scorched before being sealed. Despite the fact that a year is a long time, sealing wood is not a wise choice. Due to the time, it may have taken for the wood to be damaged, it is unlikely to be able to reverse the majority. The process can be completed within 2-3 months after the wood has dried completely. 

A wood that has been sealed within three months is much more desirable than one that has been sealed after one year. When wood is ready for sealing, it is easy to identify it. Using an electric moisture meter, professionals can determine whether the wood is ready to be sealed. A more straightforward method is to sprinkle water on the wood. Water can be absorbed quickly by the wood if it is dry enough to be sealed.

Preparing The Wood For Sealing

It is important to clean the wood before sealing it. When you maintain decks and fences in this most critical stage, you should achieve the following results: 

  • The dirt, mold, mildew, and algae have been removed.
  • Wood pores are opening.
  • It is important to guarantee a strong bond between each fiber and the sealer by maintaining a pH balance in the sealer.

Cleaning Agent Selection: Making The Right Choice

It is important to take a few things into consideration when selecting the right cleaning agent. If cleaning decks and fences require acidic, alkaline, or pH-neutral compounds, you may need to determine what type of compound you should use. Powdered cleaners that are pH-neutral and reasonably safe for use can be found on the market. It is safer and easier to handle acid-based compounds than alkalines, which is why most home improvement stores recommend that these compounds be used. Due to their ineffectiveness, they are significantly less effective than conventional ones. The more effective the cleaner is, the more serious it is. Alkaline-based cleaners, on the other hand, are more consumer-friendly. 

This is something that experienced contractors should know. In general, they are most successful when it comes to a two-step process. To neutralize the alkaline compound, an acidic brightener is used. Since the wood’s natural colors come out even before sealing, the deck looks great without sealing. You can obtain professional-grade cleaners by buying them from industrial contractors. There is nothing like the cleaners offered by a hardware store or home improvement store when it comes to quality.

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