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Pressure washing is a cleaning technique that involves putting pressure on water to get rid of debris and dirt that build up on outdoor surfaces. This machine, also called a pressure washer, allows you to clean surfaces using a powered machine. The method can vary based on the material being cleaned, the device used, and the individual performing the task.

A power washer uses high-pressure water to spray surfaces with chemicals and clean areas utilizing a machine, wand, and water. Before painting or staining any part of your home, this is a crucial step. The new paint will usually peel off in chunks or small flakes if improper cleaning has not been done before painting.

The purpose of this post is to provide a more detailed definition of power washing and standard methods for cleaning surfaces. To find out why high-pressure and soft washing are used differently, read on to find out the differences between power washing and pressure washing.

Differentiating Power Washing From Pressure Washing

Power washing involves the use of hot water, unlike pressure washing. Some articles on the internet draw the distinction between power washing and pressure washing. It’s important to understand that the name alone is not as telling like that. A power washer and a pressure washer are commonly used interchangeably in practical settings.

High-Pressure Washing Examples

It is essential to use a higher pressure when applying a concrete surface since it is durable. Concrete’s porous surface allows contaminants to soak in, requiring intense pressure to remove them effectively.

It is also beneficial to apply pressure before repainting or resealing a deck. It is possible to remove a lot of loose paint and sunspots by pressure washing with the proper amount of stress. A deck can suffer under too much pressure, so having the appropriate knowledge and experience is essential.

Using Soft Washing Techniques

When using a soft wash, the water pressure is lower, and cleansers are used to remove hard-to-reach areas, relying on a soft bristle brush and cleaners. Depending on the type of siding in your house, you will need a more specific amount of pressure when it comes to soft washing.

When cleaning a roof, soft washing is the best practice. It is unnecessary to apply much pressure to asphalt shingles as they are delicate. Usually, cleansers do the majority of the work when it comes to removing black streaks, algae, and other contaminants.

Why Choose Power Wash?

Cleaning an exterior surface with power or pressure is faster and more effective than scrubbing it by hand. As part of the cleaning process, cleaners eliminate the typical contaminants on surfaces, such as dirt, grime, algae, mold, and mildew. Once everything is rinsed away, a safe but appropriate amount of pressure is applied to remove anything left behind. If you want to lift stubborn buildup from hard-to-reach areas, you shouldn’t rely solely on force. Using a soft bristle brush is advisable to remove any spots that don’t come up with a regular brush.


When it comes to extending the life of exterior paint jobs, it is essential to acquire the proper preparation and power wash. It is important to clean your exterior regularly to preserve the look of your home. The information above can be a great reference. If you hire a contractor like Knoxville Gutter Cleaners, who is knowledgeable, professional, and knowledgeable about residential painting, the process will be simple.

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