When it comes to cleaning concrete, a combination of vinegar and baking soda is an excellent solution. Oxygen bleach products can also help clean concrete. These environmentally-friendly solutions can be tough on the skin and should be applied with a push broom. Hydrogen peroxide is another good option to clean concrete. These products are widely available at grocery stores, home improvement stores, and pharmacies.

Pressure washer

A pressure washer will work wonders if you’re looking for a fast and effective way to clean your patio. This handy tool is ideal for removing built-up dirt and debris. You can use this tool without additives or add a bit of detergent for tougher stains. You can rent a pressure washer from a home and garden store or a specialty center. Make sure to rent the right size for the area you’re cleaning.

House washing

When it comes to pressure washing your deck or patio in Des Moines and Knoxville, house washing is a top choice. You can often save money by having your patio pressure washed while you have your siding cleaned. 

Concrete soaking

While the best way to clean a patio with a chemical cleaner is to use a concrete cleaning agent, concrete soaking is the fastest way to clean stains. This method requires large amounts of cleaning agent, which should be mixed in a bucket or pump sprayer. This method will remove most stains, but some stubborn areas may need several applications of the cleaning agent. It is best to repeat the cleaning process several times to remove any stains and mildew.


If you need a quick cleaning method, you can use a mixture of water and clear dish soap to scrub the surface. You can also use a stiff bristle brush to clean stains. Sweep up the dirt, and then rinse with a hose to eliminate any leftover dirt. If you’re concerned about mold, you can use a mixture of oxygen, bleach, and water.

Using a hose

Whether your patio is pre-built or custom-built, you should take the time to clean it regularly. Over time, algae and gunk can take hold, rendering it unusable. Springtime is the perfect time to think about outdoor activities and enjoy your patio, and a clean deck will make these activities a lot easier. Whether you use it to host parties or spend time with your family and friends, a clean patio can help you get out and enjoy the outdoors.