If you own a roof, you must have heard about the importance of roof cleaning. Numerous microorganisms may form on the roof’s surface. To prevent them from forming, you should conduct regular cleaning and maintenance. Sodium percarbonate is a safe and effective surface cleaner and does not damage shingles or tiles. Here is some information you should know before hiring a professional to clean your roof.

Sodium percarbonate is a surface cleaner.

Sodium percarbonate is a chemical solution that cleans and disinfects surfaces. It is a common household chemical commonly used as a disinfectant and color-safe bleach. It is safe for roofs and effectively cleans concrete, metal, and wood. You can purchase it at home or use a pump-up sprayer. However, back spraying may pose a danger.

It is not a chemical.

If you’re wondering whether a company you’re considering using for your roof cleaning uses any chemicals, think again. Many roof cleaning companies use a mixture of high-strength chlorine bleach and other chemicals to get the job done. Other ingredients may include phosphates, dish and laundry detergents, various surfactants, and odor-masking scents. These mixtures are not as effective as the products you pay for, and they could expose your neighbors to dangerous chemicals.

It does not damage shingles or tiles.

When cleaning the roof of your home, you should avoid using hot water or any chemical solution that will harm the shingles or tiles. Many contractors use chemicals like chlorine or pool shock, which can cause damage to the surrounding landscape. Soft washing is the best way to clean asphalt shingles without damaging them. But how can you know if the cleaning process will hurt your shingles? Read on to find out how to clean your roof correctly.

It is safe

While you may think that roof cleaning is an environmentally safe activity, the chemicals commonly used are not. Heavy-duty roof cleaning companies use corrosive chemicals, which are not always the most environmentally friendly. To ensure your roof cleaning project is entirely safe, you should first read up on the topic. Below are a few questions you should ask yourself before getting started. Read the following to avoid accidents and injury while cleaning your roof.

It is effective

The first impression of your home can be affected by a dirty roof. A dirty roof looks terrible and can even stain your neighbor’s homes. Fungus and algae can cause these streaks to appear on your top. Once they’ve gotten into your roof, they can transfer to other parts of your exterior, such as your shady northern side. Roof cleaning is a great way to avoid these stains. Here are some tips to make your roof look brand-new:

It is expensive

If you’re wondering whether Roof Cleaning is affordable, consider your roof’s size and steepness. Higher-priced homes typically require more frequent cleaning. But the expense is well worth it if your roof is in bad shape and needs to be cleaned. A thorough cleaning can increase the lifespan of your roof by up to 50%.